General Information

What: Workshop on superresolution microscopy and related techniques

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When: Monday, May 28 - Tuesday, May 29 2018

Where: Lund, Sweden (venue: AF-borgen, Sandgatan 2, 223 50 Lund)

Lund is easily accessible through train, air or car. The main international airport i Copenhagen Airport (CPH). From there, a half-hour train ride takes you to Lund Central Station. For domestic flights and for some international flights the local Malmö Airport (MMX) is conveniently accessible using the shuttles provided by Flygbussarna.

Click for the official travel information site of Lund. Here you will find all necessary information for the travel and for staying in Lund. Note that the workshop venue is downtown Lund. This makes hotels as well in in Malmö a viable option. The train service between Malmö and Lund is several times per hour and takes only 12 minutes one way.


About the Workshop

With our workshop "Superresolution Techniques - From Labeling to Images" we want to bring together experts from the whole "assembly line" that leads to cutting-edge, meaningful, and simply staggering sub-diffraction fluorescence image data. This comprises the developers of brilliant and specific labeling methods, innovative and precise image acquisition techniques, clever and robust image analysis tools - and, of course, the great minds that eventually make sense out of the acquired images and their impact on the life sciences.

We especially encourage our speakers and presenters to share with us and the community their visions about new concepts that will game-changingly impact the field, as well as their "special little (or big) tricks" in the lab and at the keyboard that make the difference - separating their stunning results from the average.

We are excited to know which problems you face in your research, how you tackle and solve them and how your ideas will boost superresolution imaging to perfection.

Detailed program for the entire workshop can be found here.

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