Whether you are a regular attendant (e.g. senior researcher, journalist,... ), an invited speaker, a PostDoc, have student status or are a business: to register for the workshop, please choose one of the options below.

Abstracts are maximum one page including figures.

We encourage everyone to submit an abstract for a poster or an oral, although this is not required. The abstract does not necessarily need to involve any superresolution work. Instead, you can describe your current work and include a small discussion on how superresolution microscopy might help you in your research. For example, you might be working with confocal microscopy and you struggle resolving some fine details that are crucial for the full understanding of your system. In this case for example STORM och STED  might be able to help you out. Another example is electron microscopy. It gives great resolution, but the sample is dead and it is not trivial to multiplex labels. STED might be able to image your sample with multiple colors while keeping your sample alive (or at least dynamic). If you think that these are exciting prospects, and you have some problems to share, you should certainly discuss it at our workshop!

PhD Students and PostDocs whose abstracts are chosen for an oral or a poster presentation can apply for financial support.

Abstract submission: We can still handle a few more abstracts although we cannot guarantee that they will be accepted. Please submit them through the registration links below or send them to directly!

Registration: There is still some room left. Feel free to register and send us an email if there is any problem with the portal.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lund in 2018!



Registration Fee (incl VAT)

Online: SEK 2 000

On site: SEK 3 125



Free Registration


PhD Students & PostDocs

Registration Fee (incl VAT)

Online: SEK 1 125

On site: SEK 1 875



Registration Fee (excl VAT): SEK 10 000

Attention all interested BACHELOR and MASTER STUDENTS:

There are still some free spots left for you in our workshop. If you would like to join our event, please send a motivational letter in which you state who you are, what your background/interest is and why and how you will profit from attending our workshop (max. 300 words). If you have done some research (for example for a Master Thesis) and would like to present it, feel free to write an abstract of your work instead. That would count as a motivation letter. The best submissions will join the workshop - and the conference dinner - for free.


P.S.: If you happen to not find yourself within one of the above mentioned categories, please contact us directly and we'll gladly take care of your registration. To contact us, go to the tab "Contact", fill in your credentials and send your message on its way, thank you.